On Premise Security with Cloud Based Mobility

Maestro Technologies is a strong believer in the future of cloud based computing but we’re also aware that putting sensitive data such as your financial records, payroll activity, and client lists on the cloud leaves you at risk. While many cloud-based vendors tout the high level of security they provide their customers, many large Fortune 500 organizations, while spending millions of dollar on securing their network, have all been compromised over the past few years….and with it their sensitive data was now on the cloud for others to retrieve.

Taking this into consideration, Maestro Technologies has developed a unique combination of on-premise and cloud-based technologies that bring the best of both worlds to our customers.

Cloud-Based Apps for the Construction Industry

At the customer premise, Maestro continues to deploy its leading Maestro*ERP construction management software to bring the full blown features, scalability and security of a customer premise based Accounting and Project Management platform to its customers.

For the mobile / field workforce on the job site, Maestro has developed Maestro*Connect - a suite of front line, operations-based applications that provide all the flexibility, deployment ease and low cost connectivity of cloud-based computing without compromising an organization’s security by preventing sensitive financial and client data from being sent over the cloud.

Maestro Technologies has bundled three core applications in its Maestro*Connect STARTER PAK - a turnkey application suite that improves productivity from the office to the jobsite. The Maestro*Connect STARTER PAK is an easy and affordable way to quickly take advantage of all the cost and mobility benefits associated with cloud-based computing.

The STARTER PAK includes:

MC*TIME: With MC*TIME, field staff and administrators can enter time data through a clean and easy-to-use interface - anytime and anywhere there is an internet connection.

MC*REQUISITIONS: This cloud-based application is designed for companies looking for a flexible way to automate the purchasing of new materials….instantaneously.

MC*DIARY: Asking your field staff to keep handwritten daily logs is never a popular request. With MC*DIARY, your field staff can now quickly and easily enter daily logs from anywhere there is an internet connection.










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